[tex-hyphen] German hyphenation of "Methode"

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Fri Mar 27 09:36:59 CET 2015

> With LHM=3 and RHM=3, I prevent the hyphenation of German "also",
> "eine" and other similar ones. But also Er-kennt-nis (the first
> syllabe), eben-so and Me-tho-de aren’t hyphenated.


> In Spanish, I don’t want to hyphenate either four--letter words like
> "co-mo". But I want to be able to hyphenate "co-mi-da". And I must
> have both or none.


>> Then I could add a list of short German words where 2-2 hyphenation
>> looks OK.
> I’m not sure whether I missing something specific feature of the
> German language.  But I would say that readability in hyphenation
> depends on word length.

Not at all.  In German it depends on the `quality' of a hyphenation
point.  I strongly recommend that you have a look at our `wortliste'
project, where we have added weighted hyphenation points (or rather,
we are trying to classify them).


For example the hyphenation


is not very readable, while


is good.


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