[tex-hyphen] Naming of Serbo-Croatian patterns

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  Mojca Miklavec <mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm almost sure that users of babel expect
> \usepackage[serbian]{babel}
> to work, not \usepackage[serbocroatian]{babel}.

Indeed. Unfortunately, as we all know, the question of Serbo-Croatian
language is not only philological and technical, but also a political
one, and thus cannot be resolved on this mailing list. Therefore I'd
suggest to follow the simple logic. As the author, Dejan has the right
to name and describe his package as he pleases. Mojca, as the
distribution author, has the right to make the usage of that package
as easy and straightforward as possible. Accessing Dejan's work e.g.
through '\usepackage[serbian]{babel}' in TeX Live doesn't break any
licensing rules.

So, in the case of the aforementioned web-page, the solution is to use
two columns (one with the original package descriptions). In babel- or
TL-specific cases the distribution makers has the right to organize
their meta-work as they please.

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