[tex-hyphen] tex-hyphen Digest, Vol 55, Issue 5

Krzysztof Borowczyk krzysztof at jasmine.eu.org
Thu Jun 12 21:56:59 CEST 2014

Dnia 2014-06-12, czw o godzinie 20:22 +0100, Arthur Reutenauer pisze:
> > \usepackage{fontspec}
>   Yes, you should not use fontenc or inputenc at all with XeTeX --
> except for very specialised uses.
>   About \uselanguage, that must be a plain TeX command; you could try
> \hyphenrules{pali} that's supposed to work with LaTeX.  But if Babel
> works that's fine; it should tell you in the log file which patterns
> it's using.
> 	Arthur

It fails on that too:

! Undefined control sequence.
\hyphenrules ... at patterns {#1}\languageshorthands 
\ifx \c...
l.10 \hyphenrules{pali}

The Babel mentions pali only here:
Babel <v3.8m> and hyphenation patterns for english, dumylang,
nohyphenation, uk
english, usenglishmax, assamese, bengali, gujarati, hindi, kannada,
marathi, oriya, panjabi, tamil, telugu, sanskrit, pali, polish, loaded.

I don't think it uses my hyphenation rules, I cleaned the rules file
(left only one rule), run the fmtutil --byfmt xelatex and recompiled the
file, but the resulting pdf looks identical (there is 2 byte difference
in size, but I can't see difference in text).

Any idea what could I try to fix it?

best regards
Krzysztof Borowczyk

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