[tex-hyphen] hyphen.tex and hyph-en-us.pat.tex

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jan 28 13:01:26 CET 2014

Stephan Hennig wrote:

>> modulo a tiny amount of TeX markup.  Can you say more about what
>> exactly a "pure text" version would be to your mind, Stephen ?
> I mean a file without that TeX mark-up, comments etc.  Package
> hyph-utf8 distributes such "pure" pattern files (ending .pat.txt),
> but I can't see a file matching hyphen.tex.

Well, it is clearly possible to derive one with minimal effort, but it
is important to remember that DEK is solely responsible for maintaining
"hyphen.tex", and therefore rather than staticise a part of his work,
and risk it deviating from the canonical source at some point in the
future, it would probably be better to write a portable script that
can extract the "pure text" content from the canonical source as and
when needed.

** Phil.

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