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Sorry for the previous empty message.

Dear friends,
Here I am again with new patterns. As I already mentioned in a previous 
message, the ASCII patterns and the Upper Plane double caret patterns 
were not adequate to hyphenate correctly all capitalized words input as 
literal Greek when the first character was a precomposed vowel; the 
solution was to add to all. The solution was ta add to the three 
hypenation patter files some hybrid pattens where the filst vowel an 
ints accents{mostly spirits, were written down with ascii characters and 
the following accented charaters were in upper pllane double caret 
Actually the pattern file for monotonic Grek was just to be checked in 
order to avoid forgetting something, but practically no modifications 
were needed. grphyph6.tex required some corrections a not negligible 
number of them. frahyph6.tex required certainly more that 1000 new 
hybrid patterns. The size of the file denotes this geat amount of new 
Wile adding the new patterns I found and corrected some erros, so that 
hopefully the new files are sort of OK.

Unfortunately Dimitrios wrote me that he cannot check and possibly edit 
the files I wrote to help him recover from the leftover work during his 
absence; he might be able to start looking at the problem we have been 
discussing during the last month, possibly in the new year. This is 
really unfortunate.

Gunther ha updated the ldf file; I don't know if he already uploaded it 
to the CTAN. His work was simpler than that by Dimitrios, but his work 
would be almost negligible if the new pattern files do not exist. 
Günter, please read the post script.

At the same time I believe that the pattern files should be checked by a 
competent Greek TeX user as Dimitrios. I do not want absolutely to 
bypass Dimitrios. At the same tiime, may be, uploading the pattern files 
and the loadhyphen files that I created, as a  temporary patch, before 
Dimitrios can validate them and/or possibly edit them, would not be too 
bad. The ral difference might be appreciated by TeX users that typeset 
in Greek, and hopefully some feedback might arrive to Dimitrios befere 
he can start working on them.

I leave this question to Mojca and Dimitrios. I think I have done the 
best in finding the glitch and in proposing the corrections. Actually 
correcting the pattern files for me was a heavy work, bu I am glad I did 
it not only to help Dimitrios, but also for learning myself new things.


PS - Günter I spotted another problem. On my Mac I use the polytonic 
Greek driver for the keyboard; I can enter Greek text without much 
difficulty with the help of the built in keyboard viewer. But...

In spite the fact that the polytonic Greek keyboard allows to enter ῤ 
and ῥ, it cannot do the same with Uppercase letters, But proper names 
starting with rho, in ancient Greek have the rough breath prefixed to 
the capital rho; one out of all the Greek proper names is that of the 
city of Rome, i.e. ῾Ρώμη -- I had to enter the rough breadth as an 
isolated character, whose UTF-8 code is not transformed to the proper 
LGR glyph, and the whole word is not hyphenated at all, because no 
proper lccode has been set for it. You should experiment a little bit on 
this issue; I experimented with other Greek proper names starting with a 
capital rho and the problem is systematic. No problems if you enter the 
word in an hybrid way, such as <Ρώμη.

I did no try to see what happens by inputting the precomposed glyph 
"Greek capital rho with dasia" UTF-8 code: E1 BF AC. The character 
palette displays it, but it is not accessible with the keyboard. The 
dasia by itself has UTF-8 code E1 BF BE.

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