[tex-hyphen] should bahasa be a synonym for Indonesian?

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Wed Nov 27 21:58:50 CET 2013

  Taking Waluyo off the discussion, as it does not seem necessary to
involve him in this issue that needs to be addressed by the developers.

> To Arthur and Mojca regarding "why do I expect bahasa to work at all"
> I expected this to work because it works with Babel and because when I
> select "Indonesian" as a language in LyX, "bahasa" is entered in the
> underlying LaTeX. From what I understand here, this is a bug that
> should be fixed.

  Yes, I would consider this a bug too.  I would recommend to use the
name of the language definition file in the LaTeX source output by LyX;
in this case, "bahasai".

> Finally, on the question about discrimination, I understand that
> assuming "bahasa" to mean "Indonesian" could be discriminatory, but
> couldn't assuming "Indonesian" to mean "Bahasa Indonesia" be
> discriminatory as well?

  No, I don't think there is such a risk -- see Jonathan's answer.


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