[tex-hyphen] Enable hyphenation of first word

Pander pander at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jan 2 00:18:13 CET 2013

On 2013-01-01 23:28, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> On 1/1/13 14:51, Pander wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> For some non-standard usage I need to enable hyphenation on the first
>> word of a sentence. I discovered that this is not enabled by default.
> (I assume you mean the first word of a _paragraph_, not sentence.)


>> With some help from Piet van Oostrum I got it working by inserting an
>> explicit glue, such as \hskip 0pt plus 0pt, before the first word.
> The TeXbook mentions this, and suggests a solution in the form of an
> \allowhyphens macro (see appendix D).
> I believe some LaTeX packages (including Babel?) provide a definition of
> \allowhyphens, but it may not be part of the base format.

Perhaps polyglossia could offer an option to enable hyphenation for
first word of a paragraph. LuaTeX supports it apparently.

I don't see why you do not want to hyphenate the first word of a
paragraph. As far as I am concerned this option to hyphenate the first
word in a paragraph may be enabled by default.

> JK

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