[tex-eplain] color and page size

Gérald Tenenbaum gerald.tenenbaum at univ-lorraine.fr
Sat Oct 8 23:47:56 CEST 2022

Hi Karl,

Apparently you must set the size parameters after reading color.
I was puzzled because my init file did have this specification, but 
before calling color.
Many thanks,
Kindest regards,


Karl Berry a écrit le 8/10/22 à 23:34 :
> Hi G\'erald,
>      Can someone explain why do the two following TeX-files produce different
>      outputs?
> The color (and graphics) LaTeX package has to fix the backend, which
> includes the page size.
>      And how can I ensure that the page size remains identical whether I use
>      color or not?
> I think if you set the four page size parameters before reading color,
> it should obey what you've set. --best, karl.

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