[tex-eplain] [solved] Re: Prevent page break

Rodolfo Medina rodolfo.medina at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 17:19:57 CEST 2016

Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina at gmail.com> writes:

> At a certain point of a document, I want to insert an eps figure that TeX
> probably considers to be too large so that it acts its page breaking at a
> point that I don't want to.  I know I should provide an example of that, and
> I will, but it's not so easy because it involves some long macros of mine.
> For the same reason, closing all the stuff in a vertical box is not a good
> solution because that way isolates those macros and limitates their
> functionality: in fact, they are sectioning and subsectioning macros that I
> created years ago for plain TeX.
> While working to produce an example of my problem, I want to ask you listers
> for a general and effective way - if any exists, and good also for my case -
> to prevent page breaking in plain and Eplain TeX: because simply
>  \par\nobreak
> doesn't for me.

Thanks to John and Karl that pointed out the right direction to me.  Years ago
I wrote plain TeX macros in order to have section and subsections, but, since
I'm no computing expert at all, there are unperfections in them.  In this case,
my definition of \chapter had \hrules with vertical space before and after them
that caused some undesired page breakings by TeX.  But also once fixed them
with proper `\par\nobreak's here and there, there were still page breaking
problems (TeX would leave an undesired blank page before next \chapter) until I
had the idea of putting an empty \vbox{} at the end of the previous chapter.
Now it seems ok.



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