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You have to make sure that there is nothing “breakable” before the \par\nobreak.   Most commonly, vertical skip filled in by a macro causes problems.  If you say \vbox{….}\par\nobreak, you might be able to avoid this.

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Hi to all of you Eplain users.

Here am I again with another different problem.

At a certain point of a document, I want to insert an eps figure that TeX
probably considers to be too large so that it acts its page breaking at a point
that I don't want to.  I know I should provide an example of that, and I will,
but it's not so easy because it involves some long macros of mine.  For the
same reason, closing all the stuff in a vertical box is not a good solution
because that way isolates those macros and limitates their functionality: in
fact, they are sectioning and subsectioning macros that I created years ago for
plain TeX.

While working to produce an example of my problem, I want to ask you listers
for a general and effective way - if any exists, and good also for my case - to
prevent page breaking in plain and Eplain TeX: because simply


doesn't for me.

Thanks to all in advance, and Karl again for his work on ps -> pdf bookmarks.


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