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Fri Feb 25 01:44:48 CET 2011

>On 2/24/11, GŽrald Tenenbaum <gerald.ten at free.fr> wrote:
>>  Does eplain provide a way to cross out a word or a sentence ?
>No, but you can use the soul package:

Many thanks, Oleg.

I downloaded it and got the following error message::

This is TeX, Version 3.141592 (preloaded 
format=makeplain 2006.6.20)  25 FEB 2011 01:41 
(/Applications/TexturesÄ/TeX Inputs/*LaTeX 
R13P0/Divers_LaTeX/soul.sty ! Font 
\SOUL at tt=ectt1000 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file 
not found. <to be read again>                    
\let l.47     \let              \@xobeysp\space I 
wasn't able to read the size data for this font, 
so I will ignore the font specification. [Wizards 
can fix TFM files using TFtoPL/PLtoTF.] You might 
try inserting a different font spec; e.g., type 
`I\font<same font id>=<substitute font name>'.
Is there anything else to do ?
Warm regards,

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