[tex-eplain] crossing out?

Oleg Katsitadze olegkat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 01:53:35 CET 2011

On 2/24/11, Gérald Tenenbaum <gerald.ten at free.fr> wrote:
> I downloaded it and got the following error message::
> This is TeX, Version 3.141592 (preloaded
> format=makeplain 2006.6.20)  25 FEB 2011 01:41
> (essai-soul
> (/Applications/Texturesƒ/eplain-3.4/tex/eplain/eplain.tex)
> (/Applications/Texturesƒ/TeX Inputs/*LaTeX
> R13P0/Divers_LaTeX/soul.sty ! Font
> \SOUL at tt=ectt1000 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file
> not found. <to be read again>
> \let l.47     \let              \@xobeysp\space I
> wasn't able to read the size data for this font,
> so I will ignore the font specification. [Wizards
> can fix TFM files using TFtoPL/PLtoTF.] You might
> try inserting a different font spec; e.g., type
> `I\font<same font id>=<substitute font name>'.

>From www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/soul/soul.pdf :

  5.3 Changing the internal font

  The soul package uses the ectt1000 font while it analyzes the
  syllables. This font is used, because it has 256 mono-spaced
  characters without any kerning. It belongs to J o rg Knappen's
  EC-fonts, which should be part of every modern TeX
  installation. If TeX reports "I can't find file `ectt1000'" you
  don't seem to have this font installed. It is recommended that you
  install at least the file ectt1000.tfm which has less than 1.4
  kB. Alternatively, you can let the soul package use the cmtt10
  font that is part of any installation, or some other mono- spaced

    \font\SOUL at tt=cmtt10

  Note, however, that soul does only handle characters, for which
  the internal font has a character with the same character code. As
  cmtt10 contains only characters with codes 0 to 127, you can't
  typeset characters with codes 128 to 255. These 8-bit character
  codes are used by many fonts with non-ascii glyphs. So the cmtt10
  font will, for example, not work for T2A encoded cyrillic

Hope this helps,

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