[tex-eplain] hyphenation patterns in plain TeX

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Aug 19 02:31:21 CEST 2009

    I experimented a great deal with combinations of
    \usepackage{babel} (inside \beginpackages), 

Thanks very much for doing all that work.

    have any objection to going via etex.src and language.def instead 
    of bplain.tex and language.dat.

The actual hyphenation patterns and left/righthyphenmin can be (more)
easily handled outside Babel, it seems to me.  I already have it in
Texinfo and it is just a matter of copying the code into Eplain.

Babel would still be interesting if the other settings it makes were
useful for Eplain, e.g., "Chap\^itre" vs. "Chapter".  I'm not sure if
anything else it does is really relevant to (e)plain users, but I guess
it could be in theory.  I'm also not sure if those multilingual "name"
macros are even accessible through bplain.

Did you run across anything like that in your experiments?


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