[tex-eplain] different hyphenation patterns (recommended way of handling)

Helmut Jarausch jarausch at igpm.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Oct 21 13:06:03 CEST 2008

On 21 Oct, Oleg Katsitadze wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 09:11:01AM +0200, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
>> what is the recommended way of using Eplain with different languages
>> (i.e. hyphenation patterns).
>> Is there something similar to Babel?
>> Or do I have to generate different fmt files for each language?
> You can try this:
>   $ touch eplain.aux
>   $ tex -ini eplain.ini
> and then use the resulting eplain.fmt.  It should contain patterns for
> many languages, including two kinds for German:

Thanks, but a dumb question:

If I don't build the format myself (I'm using TexLive-2008)
how can I find out which language number selects which language?

Many thanks,

Helmut Jarausch

Lehrstuhl fuer Numerische Mathematik
RWTH - Aachen University
D 52056 Aachen, Germany

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