[tex-eplain] a new index bug?

Gérald Tenenbaum gtenenb at free.fr
Fri Aug 24 16:01:03 CEST 2007

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>Subject: JunkEmail: [tex-eplain] a new index bug?
>>I am presently working on a large document (a math book between 600
>>and 700 pages).
>>I have discovered that the last entries of the index do not appear in
>>the typeset when they occupy only a few lines on the last page.
>>Has anyone already encountered this problem?
>>I do not see how to reproduce the problem on a test file. However, if
>>I change the font size of the index so that it finishes in the middle
>>of a page, then it comes out complete.
>>Thanks for any help or info.
>>Kindest regards,

À (At) 14:32 +0100 24/08/07, John Was écrivait (wrote) :
>Hello Gérald
>I have encountered this, and I think Oleg said it was a known problem.  My
>solution (not a true solution but a workaround) is always to add a couple of
>dummy lines at the end:  just e.g. \indent \par \indent \par or whatever
>will create a little more vertical space.  Then everything seems to come
>back into view.

Thanks indeed, John.
I tried this and encountered a very strange behavior: with just a few
dummy lines, nothing happens, with more I get an extra *blank* page
in the index, but the wanted lines never appear.
Maybe part of the problem in my case is that the 
break occurs at a \indexspace in the .ind file?
With all best wishes,


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