[tex-eplain] Improvement for hyperlink option handling

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Sep 4 15:30:51 CEST 2005

    PDF spec calls them "forms", but to me this would seem even
    more odd.  Another possibility is "style", but to me this
    word seems to describe how things look, not how they work.

I agree that "types" is better than "forms" or "style".  Maybe something
will come to us.

    have all \xrdef destinations to do the page fit, and
    \definexref ones to be `exact' destinations (`xyz').  So I

I agree that keeping these separate is good.  

    But what else do you suggest as a default?  

I was imagining the text "(on p. NN)", but now I think we don't even
know the page number ...

    The problem is that when color.sty is not loaded, the links
    are not colored.  So if we make no border by default, then,
    again by default (without color.sty), the links will not be
    marked in any way.  Would this be OK?

I guess I was imagining that hyperlinks would imply loading color.  But
on reflection maybe that is not a good idea.  Hmm.

I will ponder this when I read the doc.  If it is easy (i.e., one
command) to change the default from "colored" to "boxed", I think it
would be ok to not mark them by default.  Boxes just look so horrible to
me ...


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