[tex-eplain] Different header and footer for subsequent pages

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jul 10 12:11:30 CEST 2003

Hi Karen,

    I am a beginner in using Latex and would like to seek help.  If I am in 
    the wrong place, I would appreciate if someone could redirect me.

Yes, this is the list for Eplain, a different macro package than LaTeX.

I don't know the answer to your actual question, but it is a standard
thing to want to do, so I'm sure it is supported.  The fancyhdr package
itself includes quite a bit of documentation.  For example:

Also, two faq entries seem relevant:

Also, you might try searching google and google groups, since I would
expect the question has been asked and answered before.

If all that fails, there's the texhax at tug.org mailing list for general
help and discussion.  If you post there, you should include the relevant
parts of the actual document as well as the various things you've tried.

Good luck.


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