[tex-eplain] Bibunits clone

karl@cs.umb.edu karl@cs.umb.edu
Sat, 26 May 2001 10:00:05 -0400

    In an academic journal there is need for multiple bibliographies. The 
    world of LaTeX has a package called bibunits that allows for this. Has 
    anyone considered a macro for eplain that would allow such an application?

I wrote support for this many years ago when working on some proceedings
(where each article has its own bibliography, of course).  It's in
btxmac.tex (included in eplain.tex), and the crucial part of it is the
command \bblfilebasename (defaults to \jobname).  You can define this to
be the name of the .tex file for each article, then you'll end up with a
separate .bbl for each.  The regular \bibliography command can then be
used at the end of each article to print it.

Hope this helps,