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On my machine at least my previous response was truncated somewhere enroute. 
FWIW here is the message as I sent it:
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Subject: Re: [tex-eplain] Indexing and how to determine file dependencies
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On Wed, 21 February 2001, Guy Worthington wrote:

> Hello John, 

> On an eplain note, I like the \description environment in TeXsis,
> except for I have no control over where it breaks the label text for
> an item, so I dug into the TeXbook, to come up with the following
> solution:
> -
First, I am happy to learn about TeXsis. I had not heard of it before. 
Was your macro bsed on the TeXsis code?

Here is a quote from the TeXsis manual:
The argument  sample text  is not printed, but its length is used to determine the in-
dentation for the labels on the items, so it should be the longest item, followed by some
extra space.
This seems to specify the length of the label item and hence
 the indentation of the descriptive text. Is that what you want 
to control? Or do you have a situation where the label itself
 may need to occupy more than one line?

I once had a situation where I needed to put lines of text in a
 sidebar alongside the paragraph. I created a macro that 
used pstricks to create an 
offset  text box (surrounded by an invisible white border.) Worst 
case an approach something llike that might allow you to offset
 a label to the left of a paragraph and still allow for
 line-breaking within the label.  
BTW: If the text of my postings are run on and not broken appropriately
 I apologize. I am using a remote mailbox system at register.com 
and I did not realize this was happening. I will try to insert 
manual line breaks in this letter to solve the problem.  I know how
 annoying it can be to read lines that stretch on forever.

John Culleton


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