[tex-eplain] Indexing and how to determine file dependencies

john@wexfordpress.net john@wexfordpress.net
21 Feb 2001 08:33:50 -0800

On Wed, 21 February 2001, Ed L Cashin wrote:

> john@wexfordpress.net writes:
> > I don't doubt you have used make . What I question is whether you
> > acheved significantly better results than you could have with a simple
> > script. 
> This one shows how test-static.pdf depends on its tex source and also
> the test-static.1 figure.  The figure depends on its metapost source.
> If I change the metapost source for the figure, make will rebuild the
> figure and then the tex document; but if I just change the tex source,
> there's no need to rebuild the figure:

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OK, that's a good example. I forgot about figures and such which indeed meet the criterion of "separately compiled module" which would make  "make" useful.   I concede, withdraw and  leave
the discussion with head hung down. 

John Culleton

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