[tex-eplain] More indexing hints

john@wexfordpress.net john@wexfordpress.net
19 Feb 2001 09:50:29 -0800

As I plow through my latest index I learn or am reminded of some additional points:

1. When using the "\cs" style of modifier don't actually use a macro named "\cs". I had a persistent problem that disappeared when I renamed it to "\ss". There is a hidden conflict somewhere.

2. The indexing macros stick an extra space in such entries. So the 
macro definition for, say, italicizing an entry should be:

\def\ds #1{\it #1 \rm}

3. Note also the switch back to roman. Otherwise you will get a long string of italicized entries in the index. :-(. 

Someday I am going to collect all these hard-earned gems of wisdom in a FAQ on indexing with eplain and makeindex. Someday...

John Culleton