[tex-eplain] Indexing Java relational OR (|) and conditional OR (||)

Guy Worthington guyw@multiline.com.au
19 Feb 2001 15:41:21 +0800

>>> How is it possible to display the vertical bar symbol?

Thanks John Culleton,

Good pickup on my index markup :) In the actual document this is


the error was introduced when simplifying it. Sometimes I despair at
my inability to pick up minutia. :(

After reading the makeindex man page I abandoned the idea of creating
an index style file.  I'm happy enough with the default index
formatting not to want to roll my own.

Thanks Dorai Sitaram

I ran with your first possibility

> \def\pipe{\char`\|}
> \sidx{operator}[\pipe]

this produces a result I find satisfactory.

ps.  I have one other off-topic question about indexing:

Has anyone made a makefile that keeps the indexing up to date when the
tex file is compiled?