[tex-eplain] Indexing Java relational OR (|) and conditional OR (||)

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18 Feb 2001 06:10:23 -0800

On Sun, 18 February 2001, Guy Worthington wrote:

> Using the command \sidx{operator}{\char`\|} produces the indexentry:
> \indexentry{operator!\char `\|}{6}
> in my .idx file.  This isn't displayed after being processed by
> makeindex.
> How is it possible to display the vertical bar symbol?
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A couple of suggestions:

1. The usual form for entry-subentry is

The latter is the correct form for proper names.

2. The vertical bar | is by default a dedicated character in makeindex. Specifically it is the "encap" character used in the input (idx) file to indicate that the rest of the argument list is to be used as the encapsulating command for the page number (see "Index Style Specifiers" in the documentation.)
You could substitute another character via the xyz.ist file (your name will differ.) A statement such as:

encap '^' 

in your ist file would suffice.

This in turn may require you to do an edit of your  xyz.idx file to change any legitimate occcurrences of | to ^. If you haven't done anything special with page numbers then this step can be omitted.

Glad to know I am not the only makeindex user in the eplain community :-)

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