[tug-summer-of-code] A hyperlinked and highlighted version of sample2e.tex

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Sun Mar 22 18:37:17 CET 2009


This is about displaying and navigating TeX source with a web browser.

As you probably know, sample2e.tex is a brief introduction-by-example to 
LaTeX, and I'm using it as my example file.

Today I gave myself a one-day project, which was to syntax highlight 
this file, and provide hyperlinks for control sequences.

I'm  finished now, and you can see what I've done at:

You can see (highlighted) the Python script that produced this output at:

BTW, this output has hyperlinks, but the targets don't exist yet.  That 
is another project.

You can see SourceForge's highlighted version of sample2e.tex at:

You might ask: Why don't you just use the same highlighting tool as 
Sourceforge?  I have two main reasons for writing my own.  First, I want 
to put hyperlinks in the output, and Pygments (used by Sourceforge) 
doesn't do this (and can't easily be extended to do this). Second, I 
want a simple and reliable tokenizer for TeX/LaTeX input that does not 
change category codes.

I've copied the TUG Google Summer of Code mailing list because work in 
this direction was one of the projects TUG was proposing.  Sadly, TUG 
did not this year accept us as a mentoring organisation.


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