[tug-summer-of-code] TeX on USB drive

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Tue Mar 10 07:50:24 CET 2009

Hello Mario

You wrote:

> I am a Peruvian student (who loves LaTeX), and I have an idea to develop 
> in GSoC, I do not know if it will be good, so I hope your suggestions, 
> Thanks.
> My idea is to allow run LaTeX on external memory devices. For example 
> for people who travel a lot, or for which they were not allowed to 
> install software on their PCs to work, and want to use LaTeX, no problem.
> Basically, for a good editing LaTeX documents, I guess it would be like 
> this:
> MiKTeX + Ghostscript + Vim (with LaTeX plugin)

I'd certainly welcome something like this.  There's already work in the 
area.  I've done a quick search for 'MikTeX USB" and come up with

I think it would be very helpful if you were able to spend an hour or 
two looking for URL and posting to here a list of what you find and a 
brief summary of what's in them.

Another approach is to provide TeX as a web service.


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