[tug-summer-of-code] Proposal: Improved multicol

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Sun Mar 8 08:47:18 CET 2009

Will Robertson wrote:
> On 08/03/2009, at 8:40 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
>> I certainly have no objection to the project of creating a more
>> float-friendly multi-column package, but I am quite sure that Frank does
>> not have time to serve as mentor.
>> Will, Joseph, do you have any thoughts?
> Output routines are one of my blind spots but I suspect this isn't a 
> task that could be easily picked up for a summer project.

I know a bit about output routines, and agree with Will's assessment.

> Frank has been working on an improvement to multicol as part of LaTeX3 
> for quite some time now, but it's still not ready to be used in a 
> production sense. If you're interested it would be worth looking at xor:
>   <http://www.latex-project.org/svnroot/experimental/trunk/xpackages/xor/>
> Not for the faint of heart...

It might be sensible to defer GSOC work on multicol until Frank is done 
with his improvements (unless the project is likely to be orthogonal to 
these changes).


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