[tug-summer-of-code] Project idea: Hyperlinked syntax highlighting for TeX code

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Mon Feb 16 23:13:05 CET 2009

Arthur Reutenauer wrote:

>   As Will, I'd also be happy to see some connection with actual text
> editors (especially TeXworks, obviously), but it's your project, of
> course.  Can you write up a slightly more formal proposal, or do you
> want me to copy the text of your original e-mail?  I'll mark you as the
> mentor for the moment.  If you feel you won't have time to supervise it
> after all, we'll just retire the project.

Hello Arthur

I'd like to see a linkup to an editor, but fear that it will make the 
project too long, and would require a wider range of skills.  So I won't 
put it in the proposal, but would be please to see it as an outcome 
(sooner or later).

Please use the text from the email, which for your convenience I repeat 
It now common, when listing code on a web page, to provide syntax 
highlighting.  Indeed, this is done on Google code.

This project is to provide syntax highlighting for TeX code - both 
documents and macros - with an extra feature.  Each highlighted command 
is also hyperlink which offers tooltip help, and which when clicked 
brings up further documentation.

Two of the leading syntax highlighters are

    http://pygments.org/                 (Python)
    http://noteslog.com/category/chili/  (JavaScript, based on jQuery)

This project has three parts.  The first is providing enhanced syntax 
highlighting for TeX code.  The second is creating a commands database. 
  The third is linking together the first and second parts.

Depending on difficulties encountered this project might be too large. 
If so, we'd expect the student to do just a part of it.

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