[pstricks] Scaling problem with xdvipdfmx

Alan Munn amunn at gmx.com
Mon Dec 4 17:35:39 CET 2017

The following document shows increasing horizontal line lengths when 
compiled with xelatex but not with latex+dvips.  The effect is small but 

(Sorry to depend on a non-CTAN package.)

The problem can be solved by redefining \pstnodescale which in 
xdvipdfmx.cfg is defined as:

\def\pstverbscale{72.27 72 div dup scale }%
\def\pstnodescale{72 72.27 div dup scale }%

If I redefine \pstnodescale to be {1 1 div dup scale} things work.

I suspect this is the same problem as reported here: 
https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/194683/2693 where Herbert gave a similar 
(local) solution.

I have two questions:

Why are the definitions of \pstverbscale and \pstnodescale different in 
the way they are?
Is my redefinition correct, and if so should xdvipdfmx be changed?



% compiled with latex+dvips this works fine
% compiled with xelatex the horizontal lines become increasingly longer
\usepackage{OTtablx} % available here: 

%\def\pstnodescale{1 1 div dup scale } % uncommenting this line makes 
the problem disappear





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