[pstricks] Compile time and large eps files

Arne Hallam - faculty ahallam at iastate.edu
Fri Sep 5 22:49:28 CEST 2014

I am sending this to both the pstricks and the powerdot lists as it 
relates to both, but mostly to compiling vis dvi-> dvips -< ps2pdf or 

  I make my lecture slides with Powerdot and use pstricks a lot to 
create arrows, circles, diagrams and so on.
But I also include eps figures, some on which I operate with pstricks.

The problem is that some of my eps files (such as from Mathematica or 
ones I have converted my jpg with lots of resolution are very large ( 
50--60 mb)

This then makes the latex compiling take forever.

I sometimes use an include statement so I can % out the worst of these 
slides except on final compilation, but this get annoying,

Anyway to precompile some of this stuff so that the final compile takes 
less time,

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