[pstricks] [tex-announce] Dec 2010 TUG news: election, software, TUGboat, conferences, interviews, Mimi Burbank

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 4 02:05:00 CET 2010

Dear TeX users,

- 2011 TUG election: the deadline to receive nominations is now
  May 1, 2011, rather than the Feb 1 deadline printed in
  TUGboat.  We made this change after we belatedly realized
  the 2011 conference happening so late in the year (see
  below) potentially implies an unnecessarily long "lame
  duck" period.

  For nomination forms and full info, see:

- The TeX Collection 2010 DVD collection has been shipped from the
  manufacturer in Germany and should be out to members soon.

- TUGboat: The third and last issue for 2010 mailed recently, and is
  available online to members.
  The first issue for 2011 will be TUGboat's 100th issue.
  Even though it is only a decimal anniversary :), we would
  like to solicit special contributions for the occasion --
  articles about the history and evolution of TeX and the
  TeX community would be especially welcome.  Of course, all
  the usual topics are welcome too.  Deadline is March 31.

- Conferences:
  TUG 2011 will be held in Cairo, Egypt, tentatively from
  November 14-17, and will include a planned excursion.
  Hossam Fahmy of Cairo University is the chief organizer.
  The web site will be updated when arrangements are finalized.
  Other upcoming conferences:
  EuroBachoTeX from April 29-May 3, 2011, in Bachotek, Poland;
  fifth ConTeXt user meeting Sept 19-24, 2011, in Porquerolles, France.

- If you need TeXnical books from Pearson (Addison-Wesley, et al.)
  this holiday season, please consider going through TUG
  to order.  We greatly appreciate all such.

- The latest subjects in the Interview Corner are Frank Liang from the
  Stanford TeX project and Herbert Voss, maintainer of
  PStricks and many other packages, author of several TeX
  books, and the editor of DANTE's journal, Die TeXnische Komodie.

- In memoriam: I am very sad to report that Mimi Burbank passed away
  at the end of November.  She was the mainstay of TUGboat
  production for many years, and spent the last few years in
  Uganda doing humanitarian work.  A full memorial notice
  will be in the next TUGboat.

Karl Berry (President) on behalf of the TUG Board

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