[pstricks] pst-poly and \PstPolygon

mathias legrand legrand.mathias at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 17:50:56 CET 2010

>>> When you write
>>>> PolyNbSides=6,PolyOffset=2
>>> you are instructing the macro to advance the index by 2 at each step,
>>> so you only see 3 of the 6 vertices. More generally, it is useful to use
>>> PolyNbSides=m,PolyOffset=n only when m,n are relatively prime.
>> I agree with this statement but I think it is legitimate to get a
>> 6-vertice star whatever the way you create the star. If PolyOffset
>> divides PolyNbSides then a propoer rotation should be added, I think.
> The definition is clear: the star is created with _one_
> continous line. For n mod offset=0 not all points can
> be connected.
> However, feel free to extend this definition for such a case,
> eg with a option rotatate=true or something else.

I'll try to give it a try but not for tomorrow.

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