[pstricks] Which package defines parametricplotThreeD?

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On Jul 8, 2010, at 17:12, Michael Sharpe wrote:

>  It might be time to upgrade your pstricks packages.
I must admit that I have become rusty about the mechanics of downloading and installing a pstricks update.
I looked at the pstricks homepage, and went to the UK group FAQ, and learned a little about TDS.
But I'm still not clear exactly what I should do to update my pstricks.  Is there some documentation with
step-by-step instructions for a computer idiot like me, who uses gui most of the time and is afraid of the console?
And also, is there a bundled package (I think there used to be) that can download and install most of what I need?
I went and downloaded from CTAN a pstricks file which when it unzipped gave me a folder called "base":
it looks like maybe just the barebones stuff necessary for pstricks, unadorned.  The contents seem to differ a bit
from the list of subdirectories in the texmf file in my user library.
> 2. Use keywords Alpha and Beta to set the viewpoint for objects defined in pst-3Dplot.
Sure, I can do that (and even know how to), but would like to understand in what context the viewpoint setting works.
Or is it now obsolete?
> Michael
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