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Sun Jun 27 13:50:55 CEST 2010

Dear Herbert,

first of all I would like to thank you for mantaining 
and costantly improving the amazing pstricks set of tools.

In case you 
would like to improve the usability of the pst-circ package, I have 

In particular, I am writing a book in the field of 
electrical engineering and my aim is to use pstricks for all the 
It would be nice, among other things, to have some new symbols 
available in pst-circ.

Specifically, referring to the attached 

Pag 1 (printed 219), fig 5.4
- ideal voltmeter or 
the package already provid the \circledipole macro, but 
the option to show the plus sign relative to one of its 2 node is 
- ideal wattmeter:
I guess there is no macro for it, and the 
option to show the 2 plus signs relative to any of its 4 nodes should 
be present

Pag 2 (printed 252), fig 5.24
The tension symbol used in 
the package is an arrow, but many people use the signs + and - instead, 
as shown, which also makes the drawing cleaner.
Most electronics books 
use this convention as well

Page 3 (printed 292), fig 5.49a)
symbol in the centre represent a transmission line, and you also see on 
the left and on the right the symbol for the ideal transformer

Page 4 
(printed 300), fig 5.54
generic three-phase loads (tripole with all the 
3 nodes on the same side)

Page 5 (printed 317)
generic tripole with 
circle shape

Page 6 (printed 328)
the ideal transformer, very 
important because it appears in the equivalent circuits of the real 

Page 7 (printed 330), fig 6.16
symbol on the left is a 
controlled voltage generator
symbol on the right is a controlled 
current generator

Page 8 (printed 357)
The general symbol of the 
mutual inductive coupling.
The 2 dots are in general needed, and it 
should be possible to put them on either side of L1 and of L2 (on the 
same side like in the figure, or on opposite sides), and it should be 
possible to hide them.

Page 9 (printed 2, handwritten)
The lower 
figure shows a double-tripole, namely a box with 3 terminals on the 
left and 3 terminals on the right (or top-bottom);
more in general a 
blank multipole with definable number of nodes for each of its 4 sides 
(left, right, top, bottom)

Page 10 (printed 3, handwritten), top 
The real transformer:
the symbol is the one on the right, namely 
2 partially overlapping circles with 2 connections on the left and 2 on 
the right.
More in general the real three-phase transformer:
it is the 
same as the real transformer, but with 3 connections on the left end 3 
on the right

My best regards

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