[pstricks] Problems with "pstricks-add.tex"

Dr. G. Dlamini gcina at uniswacc.uniswa.sz
Sun May 2 10:16:28 CEST 2010

Dear All,

I encountered a problem while trying to use the pstricks-add package. I get the following error 

!Undefined control seqquence.
\resetOptions ...\pst at linetype  {0}\pstScalePoints
                                                                                 (1,1){}{}\psset [pstrikc-...
l.1904  \resetOptions

Upon searching  the internet, I found that one user, Michel Voßkuhle, wrote to Herbert in May 
2009 about the same problem. Herebert advised the person to "go into pstricks-add.tex 
and search for \pstScalePoints and delete the \iffalse ... \fi around this macro. It's at 
lines 2391 ... "
I have gone into pstricks-add.tex. searched for and found \pstScalePoints but I can't 
find \iffalse ... \fi at line 2391 ... infact there is no line 2391 in the version of the 
pastricks-add.tex document that I have. It only ends on line 1909.
Please help me out.
kind regards

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