[pstricks] Problems with "pstricks-add.tex"

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun May 2 10:38:10 CEST 2010

Am 02.05.2010 10:16, schrieb Dr. G. Dlamini:

> I encountered a problem while trying to use the pstricks-add package. I get the following error 
> message;
> !Undefined control seqquence.
> \resetOptions ...\pst at linetype  {0}\pstScalePoints
>                                                                                  (1,1){}{}\psset [pstrikc-...
> l.1904  \resetOptions
> ?.
> Upon searching  the internet, I found that one user, Michel Voßkuhle, wrote to Herbert in May 
> 2009 about the same problem. Herebert advised the person to "go into pstricks-add.tex 
> and search for \pstScalePoints and delete the \iffalse ... \fi around this macro. It's at 
> lines 2391 ... "
> I have gone into pstricks-add.tex. searched for and found \pstScalePoints but I can't 
> find \iffalse ... \fi at line 2391 ... infact there is no line 2391 in the version of the 
> pastricks-add.tex document that I have. It only ends on line 1909.

you should update your system, because your files are really
out of date.

If you are not running MikTeX or TeXLive with an automatic update
option, then you'll get the files here:



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