[pstricks] Rendering modified arguments inside a macro

Jorge Nto jorgento at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 00:44:07 CET 2009

I still don't understand where the mistake is. Instead of drawing the text
it is drawing the PostScript code:
(Even by setting the coordinates correctly):

 \rput(20,45){! #6 0.5 mul}%

This puts the text "! #6 0.5 mul" at the position 20, 45

Of course, for the coordinates of the position (inside parentheses) the RPN
syntax works well, so the instruction:
\rput(!#2 2 mul #4){Latex is cool }% would work well.

The problem is, when I put a RPN instruction inside brackets is not being
evaluated. Something is missing

Thanks a lot


> As it can be seen, the evaluation of the expression for the x coordinate <
> !#2 2 mul > works well
> But the RPN syntax doesn't seem to be evaluated. For example if I write:
> \rput(!#2 2 mul, #4){ ! #6 20 mul 2 add }%

\rput(!#2 2 mul #4){! #6 20 mul 2 add }%

in PostScript mode always without a comma

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