[pstricks] Package Conflict by using \psVolume of pst-func with pst-solides3d?

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Dec 13 10:31:01 CET 2009

Am 13.12.2009 10:16, schrieb Patrice Mégret:

> I tried the original problem on textlive2009 and I got the same trouble as Robert.
> When I upload the new files pstricks-add and pst-solide3d, it works fine.
> Nevertheless, I think there is small potential problem:
> Texlive 2009:
> Pstricks-add version 3.36 of 2009/11/14
> Pst-solide3d 4.16 of 2009/08/11
> Now:
> Pstricks-add version 3.38 of 2009/12/13
> Pst-solide3d 4.15 of 2009/12/13
> So the new version of pst-solide3d is previous to the current one. Does it mean that the changes in 4.16 are completely removed?

sometimes I am a bit confused with all PSTricks packages in my
development tree, the backup on dante.de and the ones on the
current TeXLive. The two files in the dante.de-TDS-tree are the
new ones and should have the version numbers 3.37 and 4.17
I will correct it before uploading the files to CTAN/TeXLive.

thanks for the report


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