[pstricks] pst-sigsys bug

Santiago Cogollos Borras sancobo at dcom.upv.es
Fri Oct 23 14:16:00 CEST 2009

Hi everybody:
   I recently started to use pst-sigsys to draw zero-pole diagrams in some
presentations. I added \usepackage{pst-sigsys} to the header and I have found
that package interacts with every frame of other \pspictures (rounding every
corner of \psframes) or even frames in the background template of some
'prosper' class.

I tried to use it in the article documentclass and the result is the same:
\psframes are rounded.
The most surprising effect is that modifies the drawing of some circuits drawn
with pst-circ. The command \RFLine does not produce a proper RF line because
lines do not match.

Have you any solution? By now I have to avoid the loading of pst-sigsys and
generate diagrams using other pstricks commands if I do not want to have a mess
in my circuits.

It is a pity because I have found pst-sigsys very useful in my job.


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