[pstricks] pst-sigsys bug

Christoph Bersch usenet at bersch.net
Fri Oct 23 15:02:11 CEST 2009

Santiago Cogollos Borras wrote:
> Hi everybody:
>    I recently started to use pst-sigsys to draw zero-pole diagrams in some
> presentations. I added \usepackage{pst-sigsys} to the header and I have found
> that package interacts with every frame of other \pspictures (rounding every
> corner of \psframes) or even frames in the background template of some
> 'prosper' class.
> I tried to use it in the article documentclass and the result is the same:
> \psframes are rounded.
> The most surprising effect is that modifies the drawing of some circuits drawn
> with pst-circ. The command \RFLine does not produce a proper RF line because
> lines do not match.
> Have you any solution? 

If called without options, the packages globally sets 'framesep', 
'framearc' and 'linearc'. You can disable this by using the 'notelegant' 
option (see the package documentation).

This, however, disables also the round corners of the frame elements.

I think most elegant would be to define a psstyle e.g. SigsysFrame 
within the package and use this for the components instead of globally 
setting frame parameters.

You may suggest it to the author (I put him in the CC in case he does 
not read the mailing list). Until then you can use

\newpsstyle{SigsysFrame}{framesep=0.125, framearc=0.25, linearc=0.1}

Additionally you could use




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