[pstricks] pstricks: How to rotate characters on a circle line?

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Fri Aug 7 11:44:50 CEST 2009

Minsu schrieb:
> Hi!
> I placed some text along segments of a circle. So far this works fine,
> until i tried to rotate certain characters (kanji) -- these are set at
> the very left side, and I'd like to display them 'vertically', so that
> they can be read from top to bottom.
> I tried to do that with pstricks and pst-3d, and the commands
> \rotateleft{字} atl., \begin{rotateleft}字\end{rotateleft} atl.,
> \rotate..., \rotatebox..., \turn..., \CJKvert, \pstilt..., with or
> without \fbox,... but either it is ignored or the character changed
> it's position without rotation; when using an fbox, this box appears
> somewhere else and the character also changed it's position at the
> segment's line. And of course it's the same with ordinary Latin
> letters.

you are writing text on a circle with its center at 4,3.7
Your radius is 5.7, the reason why a \fbox can not work.
You'll find the correct coordinates when using a help grid
with  \begin{pspicture}[showgrid=true]...


		{5.7}{330}{340}}{\Huge 123}
		{5.7}{-30}{33}}{\Huge A}  % (ABCD each) to be rotated
		{5.7}{33}{60}}{\Huge XYZ}

if you want to rotate the letters use \psarcn instead,
substract 180 degrees from the former angles.


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