[pstricks] Anomalous behavior of PSTricks fills

Dwight Aplevich aplevich at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jan 29 23:46:38 CET 2009


I've been having occasional problems with fills as illustrated by
the appended file, which is intended to fill a simple area
bounded by two lines and a spline.  The drawing sequence is
counter-clockwise, starting and ending at the upper left.
When the file is processed by LaTeX and dvips, and
the result viewed by GSview, an extraneous line is drawn from
the lower left corner to the PSTricks origin.  This seems to happen
only when the area is filled and bounded by one or more splines.
The effect also seems to depend on the Postscript
engine. For example, it has happened that the extra lines are not
visible using GSview, but show up when the same Postscript figure
is printed by a publisher. Sometimes the extra lines result in an
extra filled region.

These effects did not occur with old versions of PSTricks
but, unfortunately, I don't have one installed to do a
direct comparison.  I've looked in the mailing list archives
and not found this exact effect mentioned.

Any help would be appreciated.

% dpic version 16.Jan.09 for PSTricks 0.93a or later

Dwight Aplevich  

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