[pstricks] new \psaxes x and y labels

Hubert Lam publishing at hubertlam.fastmail.com.au
Sun Nov 16 07:43:13 CET 2008

Have I missed a post somewhere else?

The new functionality of adding these new arguments, if they have been
implemented in pstricks.sty, are long overdue. All praise to Herbert for
putting this in.

Now, when was pstricks.sty updated, and has it been uploaded to CTAN?
:-) :-)

Many thanks

Hubert Lam

On Sat, 15 Nov 2008 14:45:42 -0800, "Michael Sharpe" <msharpe at ucsd.edu>
> Herbert,
> The new arguments for \psaxes that allow positioning x and y labels  
> are a fine idea. There seems to be a small glitch in the processing of  
> keywords, in its current coding.
> If I write
> \psaxes[labelsep=6pt](-.5,-.5)(6.5,4.5)[$x$,-90][$y$,180]
> then the labels on the ticks follow the specified 6pt separation, but  
> the x and y labels do not. This can be worked around by
> \psset{labelsep=6pt}
> \psaxes(-.5,-.5)(6.5,4.5)[$x$,-90][$y$,180]
> Michael
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