[pstricks] Trouble with \tableofcontents, miktex2.7 and pstricks

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Oct 27 07:42:38 CET 2008

azzam.hassan at voila.fr schrieb:

> I encountred this problem (after updating from miktex2.6 to 2.7), I can't use the color package with the command table of contents. THIS worked very well with the miktex2.6 version. 
> The problem appears when i compile twice to obtain the table of contents (with blue color). No problem when the color is removed.

I have no problem with your example and my TeX Live installation
However, you should use only


the the xcolor package is loaded by default. It is much more
powerful than the color package


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