[pstricks] the backwards compatibility issue

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Oct 20 09:38:14 CEST 2008

John Frampton schrieb:
> The major problem for me has been the change in the way that the 
> baseline for \pspicture is reset.  I have many old documents that now 
> crash.  I keep meaning to write a macro \pspictureold and add it to 
> pstricks.tex.  That way I could simply say \let\pspicture=\pspictureold 
> in order to typeset the old documents with minimal bother.  It is a 
> considerable bother now, because the old style resets the baseline by 
> giving a percentage of the total height, whereas the new style gives it 
> as an absolute dimension.
> It seems to me that if some backwards compatibility problems are forced 
> for one reason or another, it might be possible for pstricks.tex to 
> include some "oldstyle" definitions of this sort, to ease the 
> compatibility issues that arise.

there is now a new optional argument for pstricks.sty


which loads the pstricks97.tex file instead of the current
pstricks.tex. the version from 1997 has the old behaviour
with \pspicture[<value>],
- no extended dashed lines
- no linecap option
- no linejoin
- no opacity and strokeopacity
- no shift and showgrid option

the files should be installed by a texlive update, if you
have the current texlive 2008 installed. Otherwise get the
files from


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