[pstricks] the backwards compatibility issue

John Frampton j.frampton at neu.edu
Sun Oct 19 14:28:09 CEST 2008

The major problem for me has been the change in the way that the 
baseline for \pspicture is reset.  I have many old documents that now 
crash.  I keep meaning to write a macro \pspictureold and add it to 
pstricks.tex.  That way I could simply say \let\pspicture=\pspictureold 
in order to typeset the old documents with minimal bother.  It is a 
considerable bother now, because the old style resets the baseline by 
giving a percentage of the total height, whereas the new style gives it 
as an absolute dimension.

It seems to me that if some backwards compatibility problems are forced 
for one reason or another, it might be possible for pstricks.tex to 
include some "oldstyle" definitions of this sort, to ease the 
compatibility issues that arise.

As usual, thanks to Herbert for his great work.

- John Frampton

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