[pstricks] Glue oddity with \pstVerb

Christoph Bersch usenet at bersch.net
Wed Aug 27 09:38:53 CEST 2008

Hi Michael,

Michael Sharpe schrieb:
> It appears that \pstVerb does something odd to glue suppression inside  
> a pspicture. 

As far as I understood the code, glue suppression is not an issue of the 
pspicture environment, but every macro has to care for it itself. The 
only glue-related code in the pspicture definition is the \KillGlue, 
which acts as a switch to enable or disable the functionality of 
\pst at killglue.
The problem is the line end after \def\myx{2} which is not 'killed' by 
the \pstVerb. \rput (more specifically \rput at iv) contains a 
\pst at killglue and thus gets rid of the preceeding space.

Equally do all drawing macros (like \pscircle) contain a \pst at killglue 
which is incorporated within the \begin at ...Obj macros.

However, I can't tell you, what the real difference between two 
consecutive \def's (in which case all glue is removed) and one \def and 
a \pstVerb is (the case you showed):

\pscircle(2,4){1}% no displacement
\pstVerb{ /Xcoor 2 3 mul 2 sub def }
\pscircle(4,4){1}% shifted

Even if maybe not fully answering your question, I hope to clarify some 
'glueing' issues :-)


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