[pstricks] monochrome versions, and distiller

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Aug 6 15:38:33 CEST 2008

Zbigniew Nitecki schrieb:
> Two questions:
> (1) I want to use the monochrome option to convert all my pictures in a 
> given document to monochrome, without having to change the color calls.  
> However, I would like there to be some
> correspondence to the density given by them (eg, yellow should come out 
> lighter than blue).
> Does simply putting the call \input[monochrome]{pst-col} at the 
> beginning accomplish this?

Put the following code into your preamble if you cannot change the 
PostScript code yourself.

     /setcmykcolor { exch 0.11 mul add
                     exch 0.59 mul add
                     exch 0.3 mul add
                     dup 1 gt { pop 1 }  if neg 1 add setgray } def
     /setrgbcolor { 0.11 mul
                    exch 0.59 mul add
                    exch 0.3 mul add setgray } def
     /sethsbcolor { /b exch def /s exch def 6 mul dup cvi dup /i exch 
def sub /f exch def
                    /F [[0 1 f sub 1][f 0 1][1 0 1 f sub][1 f 0][1 f sub 
1 0][0 1 f][0 1 1]] def
                    F i get { s mul neg 1 add b mul} forall
                    0.11 mul
                    exch 0.59 mul add
                    exch 0.3 mul add setgray } def

If you want to have yellow lighter than blue, redefine the
colors in the preamble with \definecolor{yellow}{rgb}{...}

> (2) in recent discussions of opacity, there has been reference to 
> distiller.  Is this a separate package, or an option in pstricks, and is 
> it part of the standard distribution?  How do I call it?

the distiller is an external and commercial program of adobe for
converting a ps file into a pdf.


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