[pstricks] psarc shifts the origin

Christoph Bersch usenet at bersch.net
Thu Jul 31 13:16:15 CEST 2008

halbard7 at aol.com schrieb:
> I have attached the culprit version of pstricks.tex (1.26) and the previous version (1.25) which 
> works, together with tex, dvi and log files in each case. The only difference in my environment
> was the pstricks file (which I placed in the same directory as the test file), but I had the 
> 1.26 base version of PSTricks-TDS.tgz (96.3MB) in my localtexmf tree.

If one terminates lines 2600 and 2602 (\psDEBUG... calls) with a 
percent, the problem is fixed in the 1.26 version you sent.


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