[pstricks] color in graphic inclusions

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Tue Apr 29 05:52:11 CEST 2008

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On Apr 28, 2008, at 8:42 AM, Herbert Voss wrote:

> Michael Sharpe schrieb:
>> This might not be a real PSTricks issue, but it seems to be at the
>> heart of the problem. I have two small black pdf images. image1.pdf  
>> is
>> an image with just text, generated using dvips -E and eps2pdf.
>> image2.pdf was generated the same way, but has both text and a
>> PSTricks element. Both have no explicit color settings---just the
>> default black. When I include the first image inside a red box using
>> %using pdflatex here with graphicx and xcolor
>> {\color{red}
>> \fboxsep=0pt
>> \fbox{%
>> \includegraphics{image1}%
>> }}
>> I get what I expected--a red frame around black text. However, the
>> same TeX fragment with image2 gives me a red frame, and the image
>> (both text and PSTricks parts) have changed color to red. If I insert
>> \color{black} before \includegraphics, I get a black image again.
>> If I include the .eps files rather than the .pdf files, using latex
>> rather than pdflatex, there is no such issue. (Using TeXLive 2007 and
>> latest pstricks.)
> can you provide the example images?
> Herbert
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