[pstricks] Request for a psgraph option

Hubert Lam (Publishing) publishing at hubertlam.fastmail.com.au
Sun Mar 2 09:06:34 CET 2008

Vincent McGarry wrote:
> I find psgraph very flexible for the large number of same size graphs  
> I have to create, with differing x and y scales. I am preparing a  
> document for a publisher where about half of the graphs will need to  
> be printed with a gray-scale grid. setgrid called after psgraph draws  
> the grid on top of the axes drawn by psgraph.
> The following modification to pstrocks-add works as I need it.
> \bgroup%
> \use at par%
> \setgrid(!#3 ceiling #4 ceiling)(!#5 floor #6 floor) <--- Added
> \psaxes(#1,#2)(#3,#4)(#5,#6)%
> \egroup%
> I am not skilled enough to know what I should do to add an option that  
> would allow me to switch the grid on when I need it. Any help is  
> appreciated.

Hi Vince,



work at all? It works with \begin{pspicture} and options such as

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